In Honor of David Anderson Brooks, My Father by Gwendolyn Brooks

A dryness is upon the house
My father loved and tended.
Beyond his firm and sculptured door
His light and lease have ended.

He walks the valleys, now-replies
To sun and wind forever.
No more the cramping chamers’ chill,
No more the hindering fever.

Now out upon the wide clean air
My father’s soul revives,
All innocent of self-interest
And the fear that strikes and strives.

He who was Goodness, Gentleness,
And Dignity is free,
Translates to public Love
Old private charity.


TPCASTT Analysis

T-What is the relationship between Gwendolyn and her father? What is the emotional attachment to her father?

P- She thought of her dad highly and wants to honor him with writing a poem for all to hear. She wants the readers to know that her father is living in spirit all around her.

C- “Dryness is upon the house”. The house isn’t as lively or there is not the same brightness now that her dad is not there.

C- “His light and lease have ended”. His great life and glow is over

C- Rhyming patterns. “No more the cramping chamber’s chill, No more the hindering fever.” He has no more pain and sorrow.

C-“Now out upon the wide clean air, my father’s soul revives”. He is now alive again but in a spiritual way.

A- Depression, Pain, New life, Spiritual

S-: four lines then separation. (Lines 1-8) Dressing, talking about his death (Lines 9-16) Life after death

T-The meaning of new life and the spiritual part of it

T- Theme is death and how the loves ones feel about it

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