Personal Essay

By: Sarah Giacomoni



Most high school students don’t care about religion. Bringing your bible to school and reading it in front of your peers is thought to be absurd. But for me it makes me who I am and how I act. I don’t have a “religion” I have a relationship with God. Having this relationship with god affects how I treat people and how I take life and everything in it seriously.



Having this relationship with God makes me different. I think that God wants me to be successful in life and want to help people. It makes me want to be nice to people and encourage them to do whatever the dream to be in life. It affects how I act at school and how it makes me want to be serious about it and not just blow it off because there’s better things I could be doing. This by far is the biggest influence on me and has been since I was born.


My high school years are what really made me who I am. The things that I have been through and the struggles I have faced have changed me. My sophomore year my brother’s best friend died from a bad motorcycle accident. He was like a brother to me and really influenced me on the way I acted. He was a strong Christian young man who didn’t let anything stop him and always did his best. Having something like this happen to anyone it usually is a big test of faith for some people. They can fall off the track and start heading down the wrong path. For awhile I fell off the path and just didn’t care; I thought that there was no point because in the end no of it matters because you just die and that’s it.   


Then my junior year that same month only five days later my brother’s other best friend sadly died in a head on crash. He was also like a brother to me and I just didn’t understand why God would take away both of them. But for some reason I decided that I shouldn’t mope around and just be angry at the world. I decided I should do something with my life instead of letting it slip through my fingers. These two young men made me who I am because I know they would never want me to give up and they  would want me to try my hardest at everything that I do, which is what I plan on doing.


Having these things happen to me made me want to help people. I always loved watching medical shows and learning about the body and how it works. So I decided to do something with it my junior year I took a program at Sarasota County Technical Intuition. At the end of this program I got my Certified Nursing Assistant license. So I knew what I wanted to be in life, a Registered Nurse. As a RN you get to help people everyday, and learn about the human body. I don’t think there is any career that better suits me.

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